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The New and Amazing Remove Tool using Artificial Intelligence

There are many ways to remove objects from our photos in Photoshop.

Content Aware Fill, Spot healing, healing and the clone stamp tool have been
with us for a long time and on the whole work very well.

All of these work by sampling the surrounding pixels and trying to fit these pixels
over the object to create a seamless repair. Although as we all know its not always seamless.

The new Remove brush, uses AI to generate pixels to fill the area, even if those
pixels don’t exist in the original image.

This make it ideal to use for retouching. It has to be said the remove tool doesn’t always get it right, but it does get you closer to perfection only needing a small input from other tools so saving you time.

In the video below I show you how good this tool actually is and how you can save time understanding and using it.

If you are a fan of the printed page I have created a FREE PDF to accompany the video just visit the Shop page.

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