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Artboards - Creating and Managing

If you are a web or UX designer, you increasingly find yourself designing websites or apps for multiple devices. Artboards help streamline your design process by giving you an infinite canvas on which you can lay out designs for different devices and screens. While creating artboards, you can choose from a wide variety of preset sizes or define your own custom artboard size.

Artboards are useful even if you normally design for just one screen size. For example, while designing a website, you can use artboards to view designs for different pages side-by-side and in context. So Artboards can be used for virtually any project.

In the following two videos I show you how to create and manage artboards and how to use them on a practical project  that I put together to create a custom size 4 inch x 6 inch advertising postcard for my images.

Artboards 2 - Practical Project

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